I’ve been a sign painter since 1981. Professional hand painted murals and graphics - sign painting - can be the most cost-effective solution for many graphic projects.
— Paul Borne, founder and president of Big City Signs

Since we typically paint directly onto the surface, there are  less costs on your project for materials. The years of expertise give us an advantage we can pass on to you by knowing techniques and skills that save labor time. Also, since graphics, signs, and murals can be hand painted directly, some surfaces – stucco, corrugated metal, brick, for example – can be used for signage, expanding your opportunities for getting your message across.

If your project calls for it, hand painted graphics and murals can be very, very large and cost-effective. 

Also, with hand painted and sign painting techniques we can provide a unique and classic vintage look that just can’t be produced by even the most up-to-date technology.

Here are some links to hand painted graphics murals we’ve done from our blog posts:

Take a look at our hand painted graphics and murals samples below…

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