Recent work: Winnelson Plumbing Supply hand painted building signs

All my years as a sign painter have demonstrated again and again — hand painted signs are often the most cost-effective signs!

Here is a great example. This nationwide business opened a location in Rancho Cucamonga CA — near Los Angeles — a building with priceless freeway visibility. Many thousands of eyeballs drive by daily, and every one of them can see this signage. Signage this size made of aluminum or plastic, installed on the building, would cost much more than our wise client would want to pay. Like I always say - “Use real estate you already pay for as cost effective advertising!” (OK, if I don’t exactly always say that, you get the idea…)

Here is another step-by-step story of how it was done.

We start where we usually start: a building… a blank canvas, and the client’s ideas.

Winnelson hand painted signs before
WINNELSON hand painted signs drawing

So off to work we go!

Had a bit of prep to do, then repaint the two building panels that would get the hand painted signs. After that, the sign painting project moved along well… progress photos below.

WINNELSON hand painted signs building photo

In this short video I’m applying the paper pattern (the design drawn full size on paper with holes perforated to push charcoal through, transferring the design to the wall) — then a pan to the freeway…

WINNELSON hand painted signs progress photo
WINNELSON hand painted signs

The result: cost-effective advertising!

WINNELSON hand painted signs

You might be thinking about getting this kind of project done, Do you know where to start? I can tell you - contact me, Paul Borne (president of Big City Signs) to find out more.

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