Graffiti Coating - Graffiti Removal

We can provide an extra step on painted murals and graphics that makes removal of graffiti a whole lot easier.

This product is a low VOC, 2-part urethane clear coating. It provides a very hard surface that can be cleaned after tagging in most situations (best chances for success come with cleaning within 24 hours of the tagging).

The video below helps explain the removal process. Also - scroll down below the video to see and download product info sheets.

You might be thinking about getting this kind of project done, Do you know where to start? I can tell you - contact me, Paul Borne (president of Big City Signs) to find out more.

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Once cured, Matthews Paint products have exceptional chemical and solvent resistance. and are excellent for graffiti protection. For best results, treat the graffiti within the first 24 hours and use the appropriate solvent.

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Matthews graffiti resistant clear coat page 2