Commercial shopping centers - signs looking good?

Commercial property management people know this — just like any business, neat, clean, and attractive is important. Maintenance of signs is a big part of keeping your property looking good. Uniquely themed properties create a desirable shopping experience, all the more reason for good upkeep, to keep customers coming back!

Big City has been helping our clients with new and maintenance custom signs for their commercial properties: custom project signs and logos, custom facility signs, custom parking signs, and custom directional signs for a long time.

Here is the most recent example: I’ve been helping this busy and successful center in Garden Grove, in Orange County CA, with custom project, parking, facility, and directional signs for years. The project logos on the top of pylon signs at a couple of driveways were ready for replacement. I have all the production files ready to go here at the shop, so the first step was to print the facing.


Then the star-shaped panels needed to be cut…

Finally, installation day. These cabinets have been there for maybe 10 years, you can see how they have had some wear and tear. Three pylon logos at 25 feet off the deck.

Contrasting the new face and the old one… yep, it’s about time to replace.

Contrasting the new face and the old one… yep, it’s about time to replace.

digitally printed sign facing installed

Here is one of the three replaced custom pylon sign logos. Another happy client!

shopping center custom sign

You might be thinking about getting this kind of project done, Do you know where to start? I can tell you - contact me, Paul Borne (president of Big City Signs) to find out more.

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